The college has an open access library with a rich collection of the latest, advanced reference books as well classic texts and basic books apart from various journals, magazines and newspapers. The Central Library as well as Seminar Libraries in all the departments in the college provides Text and Reference Books of different specialized areas as well as Journals of both International and National Publishing Houses.

The rapid evolution of information and communication technology in the learning field imposes supports and stimulates the re-engineering of the library. Our library has changed in past few years and ever new ways of creating, storing, organizing, and providing information have been evolved. Our college has responded to modern methods of learning. The library remains responsible for acquiring or providing access to books, periodicals and other media that meet the educational and informational needs in a stimulating, scholarly environment conducive to academic pursuits. Very recent, the Central Library has been shifted to the new six-storey building with a vision to set up a digitized open access system with a big reading room infrastructure and for the best use of the library potential, accessibility to the books. The library is constantly in use by the students as well as teachers. The central library houses more than 55,000 text and reference books, 40 journals and subscribes about 600 e-journals. There are some helpful study-materials in CDs to help students to go deep into their courses. Besides, students are always free to use the departmental seminar library and books are requisitioned from the central library for their use.


Area / Capacity
  • Books – 53309* Volumes.
  • Journals & Periodicals – 40 Titles.
  • C.D. Collections –
  • Computers – 03.
  • Reading Room – sq.m.
  • Stack Room – sq.ft.
  • Total Area – 600.9 sq.m.
  • Reading Capacity – 50.


Contact us: Librarian Bidhanngar College, EB-2, Sector-I, Salt Lake City Kolkata – 700064, West Bengal, India

Phone Number- 033 23374761

Email Id-


Library: A Learning Resource

  1. The college can boast of its Central library which has an enriched collection of Books and Journals which is further complemented by enriched seminar library in each department.
  2. The position of the central library is being relocated to the new Administrative cum Arts building.
  3. Process of computerization has been started after the completion of the physical shifting of the holdings.
  4. College library uses N-LIST programme to facilitate the teachers in using service and avail access to established journals.
  5. Central Library upgraded with the installation of UGC INFLIBNET along with the on-line membership of the British Council Library.
  6. The library operates during the college hours and caters the needs of students of diverse disciplines.


Purchase Policy and Financing:

The College library has an enriched collection providing its users. The books and other printed materials are purchased in the library as soon as funds come from State Govt. or UGC keeping in mind the syllabi of the courses run in the college itself. The Library advisory committee takes a vital role in the whole process of purchase. The purchase policy of books and periodicals every year particularly on the fund distribution is decided over by in a meeting conducted by the Principal and actively participated by The Teachers Council Secretary, Respective Departmental Heads and Library Advisory Committee. Following the distribution of funds allotted from Development Grant from Higher Education Department, Government of West Bengal as well as UGC, the book suppliers and distributers submits respective books to the departments for verification. Following the selection of books by different departmental teachers, book suppliers submit the ordered book with respective bills to the library which is processed further to the office for financial issues and the book is purchased.




Computerization of the library documents is being done by using ULIB software including bar-coding of the books and OPAC facility.

Name: Bijoy De Designation: Librarian (S.G.) Academic Background: M.A., M.Lib.Sc., B.Ed. Email Id: Experience (in years): Name of the Colleges served till date:

  • Darjeeling Govt. College
  • Krishnanagar Govt. College
  • Presidency College
  • Chandannagar College
  • Bidhannagar College, Kolkata

Area of Specialization: Academic Library

Name: Sumita Sil Designation: Library Assistant Academic Background: B.Sc., B.Lib.I.Sc., Diploma in Computer Science Experience (in years): Name of the Colleges served till date:

    • Bidhannagar College, Kolkata
Part-time Staff
Name: Trisha Koley Designation: Skilled Labour Academic Background: M.A., M.Lib.I.Sc., DDTP
Name: Shipra Mishra Designation: Skilled Labour Academic Background: M.A.(Double), B.Lib.I.Sc., Diploma in Computer Science

Facilities & Services

The Library provides:

  • Access to online research journals through INFLIBNET in the library.
  • Computers with Internet facility.
  • Seminar Libraries in each Department are made available to the researchers.
  • OPAC (Online Public Access Catalogue) facility exists in the library by which the user can know the status of a particular document.
  • Electronic Resource Management package for e-journals: The College has subscribed the membership of INFLIBNET-NLIST.
  • Career related magazines are displayed in the reading area of the library in order to help students for career development.


Working Time:



Day* Time
Monday to Friday 10:30 A.M. to 4:30 P.M.
Saturday 10:30 A.M. to 1:30 P.M
During Vacation 12 Noon  to 4 P.M.

  Books will be issued and returned from the issuing counter in between 11 A.M & 4 P.M.

Days of issue and return a books
1st Year Monday Wednesday
2nd Year Tuesday ; Thursday
3rd Year & M.Sc. Thursday & Friday

  Lending Privileges:


Member Category No. of  Items Period
Under Graduate Students 2 Volumes 15 Days
Post Graduate Students 5 Volumes 15 Days
Teaching Staff 30 Volumes 60 Days
Non-teaching Staff 5 Volumes 30 Days


Automation: Library automation and net work facilities facilitate a library in acquisition of information and dissemination the same within a short period of time, which is very essential in this ages of information revolution. Computerization of the library documents is being done by using ULIB software including bar-coding of the books and OPAC facility to search any document promptly.


Reprographic Service: Reprography service is available keeping in mind the rules in relation to IPR/Copyright Act.

Bibliographic Service: The Library produces good up-to-dates classified bibliographic database under NLIST program.

Internet Service: Internet services are provided to the readers of this College through BSNL Broad Brand service connection. The library provides access to more than 97,000 eBooks and over 6000 e journals under NLIST program.

User Orientation and Awareness: The Library Software KOHA is used in the Library. Library staff always helps the users to know the way of use of the Library Catalogue through OPAC (Online Public Access Catalogue) and to get their required books & documents from the library. Printed Library Rules also provided to each student user at the time of giving membership to them. Content 3

students-in-library periodicals


  1. All the student of the college have to deposit library caution money as specified at the time of admission
  2. Each student will be provided with two cards :
    1. Learning Card and
    2. Reference Card. Against the lending card a student may borrow books for home use for a period of 15(fifteen) days only and with the reference card a student may borrow a book for day use during the period from 11 A.M to 4 P.M. first year and second year student will be entitled to borrow 2 (two) books and third year and students will be entitled to borrow 3 (three) books against the leading card.
  3. Book borrowed from the general library may be retained for 15 (fifteen) days only. Such books may however be reissued for a further period of fifteen days if there is no other demand for these books.
  4. Any student retaining the books beyond the stipulated period of 15 days, a fine of Rs.5/(Rupees five) only per book week will be imposed from the day of default till the date of return.
  5. A borrower must examine the condition of the book at the time of issue. In case off mutilation being detected later, he/she will be held responsible.
  6. Books will be issued and returned from the issuing counter in between 11 A.M & 4 P.M.

    Days of issue and return a books
    1st Year Monday Wednesday
    2nd Year Tuesday ; Thursday
    3rd Year & M.Sc. Thursday & Friday


  8. Any book lost or damaged or defaced must be replaced by the borrower. If the book belongs to a set and cannot be obtained separately, the entire series must have to be replaced.
  9. Student sent up for the university examination shall have to return the books borrowed along with lending and reference cards and obtain a clearance certificate from the librarian and Prof-in-charge of the seminar library before they are allowed to receive Admit for the final examination of the university.
  10. A student shall not be allowed to withdraw his/his name from the college or leave the college on transfer unless he/she obtains clearance certificate from the librarian and Prof-in-charge of the seminar Library
  11. reference tool such as encyclopedias and dictionaries will not be lent out books marks reference book and rare book and the book which has only one copy of importance will be lent out
  12. A full time teacher may be allowed to borrow 25 (twenty five) books. Part time teacher and non-teaching staff member may be allowed to borrow 5 books.
  13. All borrowed books must be returned to the library in due time for physical verification.
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