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Seminar cum discussion on CBCS (choice based credit system)

Seminar cum discussion on CBCS (choice based credit system) organised and conducted by Department of Education BNC on 23.02.2018. Speaker: Prof. Sanat Kumar Ghosh, Former Professor and Dean, Faculty of Arts. Rabindra Bharati University. Kolkata, WB.  

UGC seminar organised by Bengali department

Inauguration ceremony started at 11am on 22nd February 2017.Candidates from Bangladesh and all over the India will be participating. Registration Fees Rs 200 for Teachers Rs 150 for Researchers Rs 80 for Students

Seminar on ‘Demonetization and its impact on the Indian Economy’

Demonetization and its impact on the Indian Economy

A Lecture-cum-Interactive Session on Statistics & Probability

A Lecture-cum-Interactive Session by Eminent Prof. Bikas Kumar Sinha on Statistics & Probability on 2nd December, 2016 at 10:30 AM. Poster

An Interactive Session on Psychological Councelling

An interactive session with renowned psychologist Dr. Suparna Das has arranged by the Psychological Councelling Cell on 11.08.2016 at 2:15 P.M. in Room No. NF 3 (First Floor of New Administrative Building). All teachers, non-teaching staff and students are cordially invited to attand the session.

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