Vision & Mission


Bidhannagar College was established in 1984 to offer Honours courses only. The vision was obvious: to cater to the need of the more intelligent students coming from all social strata – a vision that had a number of corollaries like empowerment with knowledge, value-education, socialization, instilling the spirit of leadership, both intellectual and social. This vision has led further to the introduction of PG Courses – a process that is still on.


Broadly speaking, the mission is to work towards the fulfillment of the vision with which the college was set up. To be more specific, the college seeks

  • To be in the tradition of its past performance that ensures both quality and growth, be
    they in natural sciences or humanities. This includes skill-development as well.
  • To be free of gender-bias, given that quality and growth are gender-free.
  • To be free of any bias towards social strata, so that amity and coexistence of students
    coming from different ethnic and religious groups are assured. This is in keeping with the integrating principles of India as a nation.

In fine, this is all about nurturing the young, making them intellectually capacious, morally
sound, socially responsible, and generally sensitive.