Rules & RegulationsRules & Regulations

Rules & Regulations

The students admitted to this college are to abide by the following rules and regulations of the college, the university and notices issued by the principal from time to time. No student can plead ignorance of such rules and notices.

  1. A minimum of 75% attendance in classes (theory and practical separately for laboratory based subjects) in all subjects (Honours, Pass, Language and Environment Studies) is mandatory for being sent up. The university may excuse shortage in attendance up to 15% under special circumstances on payment of a ‘Non-collegiate’ fee.
  2. If a student is absent from classes without notice and without proper reason for more than 15 days her / his name may be struck off the college rolls. Adequate explanation should be given for any absence in writing to the respective head of the Department.
  3. A student must take all class-tests, mid-term tests, selection tests and surprise tests held by the college failing which she/he may be debarred from sitting for the university Examinations. If there is any genuine case of illness the student must apply with a certificate from a registered medical practitioner to the head of her/his department before the College Examinations are over. In such cases she/he will have to clear a supplementary Examination subsequently arranged for her/him by the college.
  4. A student will have to secure the required percentage of marks (as stipulated by West Bengal State University) in the Test Examinations. Otherwise she/he may be debarred from appearing for the University Examinations. In the University Examination if a student fails to secure the qualifying marks in the Honours subject, she/he may not be allowed to continue studies in this college as a student of the General Course.
  5. A student should always adhere to the rules of the general library as well as the departmental seminar library of this college. Without a proper library clearance certificate a student is not allowed to go in for the University Examinations.
  6. Applications to the Principal for any requirement (issuance of any certificate, claim for railway concession, character certificate, identity card etc.) need to be submitted well in advance.
  7. Each student is required to inform the college authorities and the relevant department in writing about any change in her / his residential address and / or telephone number(s).
  8. During the parent-teacher meetings held in the college only those persons will be allowed to represent a student whose signatures appear in the admission form as guardians of the students. 
  9. If a student has any complaint / grievance / suggestion, she / he may write it down and drop it in the “Complaint Box” installed in the college office.
  10. Girl students may use the “women’s grievance” box for registering grievances (if any) or lodge any complaint to the “women’s grievance cell” if ever they face any harassment in the college.
  11. Ragging in any form is a disgrace and no student, by any act of commission or omission, must ever promote ragging in the college. If a student is found guilty of ragging, strict penal and administrative action will be taken against him/her.
  12. The college authorities hold the right to issue transfer certificate / rusticate a student if they consider such action necessary in the interest of the college.

Codes of Conduct

A student of Bidhannagar College shall

  • Always carry his/her identity card issued from the Students’ Section of the college.
  • Always be well informed of all notices displayed on different notice-boards of the college.
  • Co-operate to preserve the sanctity of the college and keep the college premises including its furniture clean.
  • Not loiter in corridors and on staircases.
  • Remember that smoking is prohibited within the college premises.
  • Not use mobile phones in a classroom.
  • Keep a check on wastage of electricity by switching off all lights and fans before vacating a classroom.
  • Behave well with teachers, staff-members, fellow students and visitors.
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