Dept. of MicrobiologyDept. of Microbiology
Dept. of Microbiology


The Department of Microbiology at Bidhannagar College was started in January , 2002 , headed by Dr. Anup Kumar Guin and two other faculty members- Dr. Arabindo Das and Dr. Subhas Chandra Jana. (Hons.) was introduced in 2002 and M.Sc was introduced in 2004 under the affiliation of Calcutta University. Microbiology Department is one of the most progressive department of Bidhannagar College and flourished rapidly within a short span of time. Initiatives were taken to pursue summer projects of Post Graduate students in this department which was started from 2007 onwards. Faculties attempted to bring Research projects from different funding agencies. Amount of more than 95 lakhs so far have been granted as Minor projects / Major projects from various funding agencies to the different faculties in this department. Subsequently Ph.D programme was started from 2008 onwards. One student has been awarded Ph.D from this department under the guidance of Dr. S.C Jana and two registered students are doing their Ph.D work under the supervision of Dr. S.C Jana. Our alumni are very strong and most of the students are pursuing Ph.D and Post Doctoral work in different reputed laboratories in India and abroad. Our students got Max Plank Scholarship, KVPY fellowship and ranked top in various national eligibility tests like NET, GATE, ICMR and national tests conducted by JNU,TIFR etc.

At present our faculty strength is nine plus one (part time), out of which six are holders of Ph.D degree and three are pursuing their Ph.D work. Three faculties have also done their Post Doctoral work in India and abroad. Total publications of our faculties in last five years is 35 in peer reviewed National/ International Journals.

Our laboratory is well equipped with several sophisticated instruments like PCR- Thermal Cycler, FACS, CO2 Incubator, UV Spectrophotometer (Shimadzu) , ELISA Reader etc.


Designation : Associate Professor & HoD.
Qualification : M.Sc. Botany, Microbiology (Special
Specialization : Pesticide Microbiology, Environment
Research Interest : Pesticide Microbiology, Pesticide
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Designation : Assistant Professor
Qualification : M.Sc. (Microbiology), Ph.D. (Biotechnology)
Specialization : Microbial Biotechnology
Research Interest : Microbial Biotechnology, Industrial
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Designation : Assistant Professor
Qualification : M.Sc., M.Tech., Ph.D.
Specialization : Cell Biology, Molecular Biology,
Research Interest : Environmental Microbiology, Toxicology,
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Designation : Assistant Professor
Qualification : M.Sc., Ph.D.
Specialization : Cell biology, Microbiology, Biochemistry,
Research Interest : Antimicrobial and anti biofilm
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Designation : Assistant Professor
Qualification : M.Sc.
Specialization : Environmental Microbiology
Research Interest : Environmental Microbiology
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Designation : Assistant Professor
Qualification : M.Sc., Ph.D.
Specialization : Biochemistry
Research Interest : Biochemistry, Neuro biochemistry,
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Designation : Assistant Professor
Qualification : M.Sc., Ph.D.
Specialization : Microbiology
Research Interest : Genomic Instability, Cancer, DNA
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Designation : Assistant Professor
Qualification : M.Sc in Microbiology, Ph.D in Biotechnology
Specialization : Molecular Biology & Microbial genetics,
Research Interest : Bioinformatics & Computer aided
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List of Ex-Students and Their Current Positions Dept. of Microbiology, Bidhannagar Govt. College, Salt Lake, Kolkata

Sl. No. Name of the Student Present position UG/PG Student with pass out year Central Govt./ State Govt./SSC/Bank related service /Pvt. Sector/ Academic/ Research
1 Abhijit Podder Scientist PG,2007 Research, DBT, Central Govt.
2 Sagar Lahiri Post Doc Fellow, univ. of michigan USA PG,2007 Research
3 Shiladitya Cattopadhyay Post Doc Fellow, Israel PG,2007 Research
4 Subhsis Barik Post Doc Fellow, USA PG,2007 Research
5 Madhushree Chatterjee Asst. Professor,UEM PG,2007 Academic, Pvt. Sector
6 Tirtha Khara Executive QC Officer, Days Medical PG,2007 Pvt. Sector
7 Nabanita Biswas Accountant, IAA PG,2007 Central Govt.
8 Anirban Mukherjee Asst. Prof. (contract, Gurudas College) PG,2007 Academic
9 Sangeeta Saha Food Analyst, FCI PG,2008 Pvt. Sector
10 Surojit Das SRF, NICED PG,2008 Research
11 Sourav Dutta SRF, Bose Institute PG,2008 Research
12 Prasun Trivedi Asst. Professor, Don Bosco university PG,2008 Academic
13 Saikat Majumder Post Doc Fellow PG,2008 Research
14 Shreya Sengupta SRF, Bose Institute PG,2008 Research
15 Sumon Mondal Employee at Allhabad Bank PG,2008 Bank related service
16 Ria Halder Deputy Manager HDFC PG,2008 Bank related service
17 Soma Mitra Post Doc Fellow, Japan PG,2008 Research
18 Deep Chatterjee SRF, Germany (MaxPlank Scholar) PG,2008 Research
19 Sandhimita Mondal Rana Asst. Prof. TECHNO UNIVERSITY PG,2008 Academic, Pvt. Sector
20 Arnab Ganguli SRF, Calcutta University PG,2008 Research
21 Debashis Dutta SRF, IICB PG,2009 Research
22 Shibali Das SRF, Bose Institute PG,2009 Research
23 Payel Ghosh UGC-JRF, Panihati Mahavidyalya PG,2009 Research
24 Sk. Irshad Ali SRF, NICED PG,2009 Research
25 Mohana Majumder Hygiene officer, TAJ BENGAL PG,2010 Pvt. Sector
26 Avishek Sengupta Employee, Indian Postal Service PG,2010 Central Govt.
27 Rahul Bhowmick Research Fellow, NICED PG,2010 Research
28 Amit Ghosh SRF,  Calcutta University PG,2010 Research
29 Bidisha Paul Chowdhury SRF, Bose Institute PG,2010 Research
30 Malay Mondal SRF, Bidhannagar College PG,2010 Research
31 Biprajit Sarkar SI, WBPS PG,2010 State Govt.
32 Priya Mondal Research Fellow, IICB PG,2010 Research
33 Soma Ghosh SRF, IIT-KGP PG,2011 Research
34 Aparna Das Food Analyst, FCI PG,2011 Pvt. Sector
35 Sneha Chakraborty Medical Business Associate PG,2011 Pvt. Sector
36 Olivia Guha Asst. Manager (Indian Overseas Bank) PG,2011 Bank related service
37 Tanupriyo Roy Chowdhury Faculty, IRIS World School, Hyderabad PG,2011 Pvt. Sector
38 Ishita Roy Chowdhury Employee, East India Pharmaceuticals PG,2011 Pvt. Sector
39 Suchetana Banerjee JRF,  Calcutta University PG,2011 Research
40 Shreya Das Employee, Capgemini Ind. Ltd. PG,2011 Pvt. Sector
41 Subhradeb Roy Research Fellow, ISI, Kolkata PG,2012 Research
42 Arpan Kahali Employee at Ministry of Communication and Information Technology PG,2012 Central Govt.
43 Pratisruti Dutta School Teacher PG,2013 State Govt.
44 Anasua Chakraborty SI, WBPS PG,2013 State Govt.
45 Rakesh Sarkar NET Qualified (AIR- 04) PG,2013 Research
46 Rajat Sarkar Microbiologist, QC PG,2013 Pvt. Sector
47 Arnab Paul Employee at Banking Service PG,2013 Bank related service
48 Avishek Mukherjee Area Sales Manager PG,2013 Pvt. Sector
49 Jayjit Mondal JRF, Bidhannagar College PG,2013 Research
50 Nilanjan Paul Journalist, The Telegraph PG,2013 Pvt. Sector
51 Sakshi Shaw School Teacher PG,2014 Central Govt.
52 Anita Shaw School Teacher PG,2014 Pvt. Sector
53 Devlina Sengupta Project Asst., Panihati College PG,2014 Research
54 Tushar Banerjee Junior Officer, Cipla Ltd. PG,2015 Pvt. Sector
55 Nirmalya Chowdhury QC officer, Elque Seafood and Co. PG,2015 Pvt. Sector
56 Tanmoy Dutta QC officer, Elque Seafood and Co. PG,2015 Pvt. Sector
57 Moitri Roy Senior Associate Scientist, Millipore Sign Ltd., USA UG, 2010 Pvt. Sector
58 Sohini Basu Research Fellow, NICED UG, 2012 Research
59 Abhirup Mukherjee SRF, IIT-KGP UG, 2010 Research
60 Sudipta Chatterjee SRF, IPGMER UG, 2010 Research
61 Madhumita Chakladar JRF, IISER Pune UG, 2012 Research
62 Afsana Naaz JRF, IIT-Bombay UG, 2012 Research
63 Ankita Paul Research Felow, IIT-Bombay UG, 2011 Research
64 Arunima Seal JRF, Ludwig-Maximilians Univ., Germany UG 2011 Research
65 Anwesha Chakraborty Consultant Microbiologist UG 2013 Pvt. Sector
66 Raktima Maity JRF, IISc. Bangalore UG 2013 Research
67 Toshali Banerjee TIFR, JAM (AIR-03) UG 2015 Research
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